Cash Or Debit Card Deposit Rental Cars

Visitors and locals alike will agree that Las Vegas is one of the unique cities on the planet. Let me count the ways – only in Vegas you can make $500 a day by being a Vegas Show Girl/Guy finessing tourists on the strip, as well as win big or lose everything in one night in the casino haze. One might be surprised by how many people move to Vegas for different reasons looking to apply their skills and the obvious hustler mentality. You are going to need one to survive here and keep your eyes on the prize without letting the everyday Vegas distractions get the best of you.

Cash & Debit Card Rental Cars - Las Vegas

AAA Car Rentals offers Rentals with Cash, Debit or Prepaid Card Deposits. No Credit Check. Under 25 Drivers Ok. No Credit Card Required!

Being a young and unique city, many familiar industries operate differently in Sin City. Whether it is due to extensive fraud or the transient element, all major rental car companies require a major credit card, valid physical copy of the driver’s license and a return ticket home showing that you are not taking their car when you decide to return to Indiana or Michigan. God forbid you have a debit card and bad credit! Many tourists and locals alike get discouraged looking to rent a car with a debit card or a prepaid card. While that may be a normal instance in Boston or Seattle, only a handful of companies will rent you a car in Las Vegas without a credit card. AAA Car Rental is a cash rental car company accepting under 25 drivers and performing no credit check to rent and they do accept hard cold cash. If you had a good night at the casino, cashed in your pay checks to do it big in Vegas or just one of those guys that still believes that cash in the pocket is king, they got you. All you need to bring is a driver’s license and they will rent you a nice reliable vehicle without ever seeing a credit card. Under 25 drivers still are subject to a $20/a day underage fee but that’s a small price to pay to have wheels on the ground in Sin City when you are touring, looking for a new place to live or just running errands. No credit check car rental is hard to come by since credit has become an important determining factor of future payments. AAA Car Rental will verify that you are who you say you are without putting yet another credit inquiry on your credit which is BIG.

If you are turned down by a major rental car company, come on down to 4970 Arville St Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89118 and the friendly staff of AAA Car Rental will get you in a car in minutes. Out of state travel is allowed with higher deposit so no credit card rental, no problem.